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Testimonials - "ASK SOME ONE WHO OWNS ONE"

The best salesperson we have is you, one month after you own a HotSpring Spa. 90% of our sales are because a friend or neighbor recommended us. We know that because we give a gift certificate to the person who sent you in! 9 times out of 10 when we deliver a spa we send out a gift certificate. If you stop in our showroom we can access your town, your street or even your job and give you the name of a friend or an associate that has a HotSpring Spa and you can ask them how much they enjoy it, use it, and how much it costs to operate. HotSpring Spa owners love to talk about their spas.

"Roy, I have owned Hot tubs from various manufacturers for the past 30 years. Without reservations, the HotSpring Spa you sold me is the best spa I have ever owned. It is more economical,easier to keep balanced and the water stays more pristine then any other spa I have had. I appreciate your professional service and it has more then lived up to your description."
Dr. Richard Steffens
Redding, CA

"I've had mine 10 years. Still working great! Uses $9.00 a month in energy"
Keith Ritter
( M.E.Systems engineering) Redding, CA

"Seven years and still going strong! We love it. 18 degrees or 95 degrees it satisfies"
Dick & Carole Marlow
Lake McCumber, CA

"We've had our spa for 4 years , we love it! We couldn't relax without it. We're in it EVERY day"
Tom & Drae Garbutt
Susanville, CA

"I'm in my spa twice a day, Early in the morn.. last at night, can't live without it"
Jeff Mercier
Palo Cedro, CA

"I bought a Grandee 11 years ago, It's been great, great service also!"
Jeff Miller
Bella Vista, CA

"Still soakin after 11 years, and loving it"
Jay & Terri Thesken
Redding, CA

"I have 2 Hot Springs, love 'em Call me, 945-6032"
Jerry Wager
(Ochoa & Sheehan home builders) Redding, CA

"I bought a used Spa here, liked it and used it so much ,I got a new one!"
Marc Oliva
(Redding Police Dept.)

"The best ever, I've owned one for 20 years! HOTSPRING ROCKS!"
Sue Corrigan
Weaverville, CA

"The Vanguard turns out to be one of my best investments. We use it at least 4 times a week! Purchased from the nicest people too! I love this place"
Fran Leonelly
Redding, CA

"Best place in town... totally recommend it!"
Sandi Thompson (Redding school teacher, retired)